About Me


I’m a computer scientist focused on biotechnology and healthcare to help people live healthier longer. Currently, I am a senior director of AI & Cloud Engineering at Genentech. My group builds algorithms to advance our understanding of diseases.


In the past, I coded for self-driving cars at Google[X], founded Maktabkhooneh, the largest Farsi MOOC (served over 18 million students so far and 7 million active students each year), co-founded Galliot, a successful software technology house and launched several other startups. I grew up in Tehran, Iran, until I left it to pursue a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Computer Vision at the University of California, Irvine, under Deva Ramanan.


I have an optimistic-nihilistic view of this world (which is incredibly fascinating for the curious mind). My purpose in life is to explore this universe as deeply and far as possible. To do that, we need more time and more minds, ergo orders of magnitude increase in our life-span and population.


The best way to connect is via Twitter @mhejrati or LinkedIn.

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